High Park at Vertis North

Unit Finishes

Each of High Park Vertis living spaces will provide you a distinctive experience crafted precisely to complement your eye for beauty and your thirst for life. With everything that Vertis North will offer just a few steps away, you may find that the hardest steps are the first ones out your door.

  • Living Room / Dining Area
    • Flooring - Wood laminated flooring
  • Kitchen
    • Flooring Studio Unit - wood laminated flooring
    • Flooring 1 Bedroom Unit and up - 600x600mm Polished Aldein Beige homogeneous tiles
    • Cabinet - MDF wood laminated cabinets
    • Countertop - Granite
  • Bedrooms
    • Flooring - Wood laminated flooring
    • Closets - MDF wood laminated cabinets
  • Toilet & Bath
    • Tiles (Field & Accent) - 300x300 porcelain tiles
  • Utility Room / Maid’s Room / Washer Area
    • Flooring - 300x300 ceramic tiles